This weeks weekly youtube livestream was devoted to deep cleansing the Mighty vape bowl. Mighty customers all over the place have written me requesting assist with their soiled Mighty bowl. The aluminum floor will bronze over time and blacken with the years – no matter capsule use.

On this video I present and discuss a number of strategies to revive the bowl of the Mighty vaporizer.

We begin with a bowl to make the Mighty good and heat. The bowl will come clear extra simply that means.

Whereas the Mighty warms up, I take a dab with the Rio dabrig.

Methods to wash Mighty bowl

  • alcohol prep pads -> sizzling bowl = steam
  • metal wool
  • magic eraser / melamine sponge
  • dental instruments / decide device

When your Mighty bowl is stained darkish bronze or black, as mine was, there’s a thick layer of insulation on the floor stopping warmth from its optimum path into your herb.

To loosen this black layer, warmth up the Mighty and stuff an alcohol prep pad into the bowl and exchange the cooling unit.

When the sizzle stops, the pad might be dry. Run just a few pads by means of it to let the alcohol steam work some magic.

After just a few pads, use tweezers or one other device to wash the Mighty bowl utilizing an ISO q-tip or alcohol prep pad.

Watch out. The steam can and can burn you. Don’t let alcohol accumulate within the bowl or heater.

Abrasives vs Soiled Mighty Bowl

I don’t advocate abrasives until completely needed.

Use metal wool to softly scrub the bowl. Watch out to forestall shavings of metal wool from falling down into the heater. I like to recommend wrapping the display in paper or plastic (with out the warmth).

Magic Erasers or Melamine sponges can even work. Once more, watch out. You do not need Melamine in your lungs.