Jim Belushi’s transformation into a blue-collar weed farmer more than the previous couple years renders as 1 of the extra intriguing situations of celebrities getting into the cannabis market. Other higher-minded stars who also have grow to be marijuana moguls like Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, or even Willie Nelson have been loud and proud about their cannabis adore for decades-plus.

But Belushi’s extra subdued, underground, content material to run his weed farm without the need of any particular interest. Only immediately after two years of market place testing and cautious curation promoting his weed, did Belushi even determine to place his name on his solution. And Jim believes that solution could’ve saved the life of his brother, comedian and “SNL” powerhouse John Belushi.

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“I feel what we know about marijuana these days, if we knew in the ’70s, a lot extra folks would be alive, which includes my brother,” Jim Belushi told The Stranger. “Danny Aykryod stated, ‘If your brother John was a pothead he would be alive these days.’”

“The medicine of marijuana will support avoid the collapse of households,” he added. “I came from a collapsed household and the trauma of John’s death, you could envision, and I’ve often been in search of household due to the fact of it. And this household of marijuana cannabis folks is a terrific household. They’re all getting led by the plant.”

Belushi also admitted he’s actively attempting to separate his canna-organization from what the rest of celebrities who get into the market. Although that requires extra time, he believes it is worth it in the lengthy run.

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“The distinction amongst me and the guys you just talked about, all stunning guys by the way, is they are white labeling,” he stated. “I am expanding it. I am curing it. I am flushing out the irrigation to make positive the ash is white. I’m pruning it, I’m trimming it. And now I’m marketing and advertising it.”

Belushi’s also a sturdy advocate for the plant as medicine in people’s lives. Though he only smokes his vape pen 3 instances a week—though he makes use of CBD daily—Belushi does not shy away from his belief that cannabis can help in way not quickly apparent to these seeking at the cannabis globe from the outdoors-in.

“The wellness of cannabis is good for assisting Alzheimer’s, folks struggling with PTSD, folks struggling with trauma,” he stated. “The quantity 1 worry of life is death and the second is the collapse of household. Quite a few folks come from collapsed households, regardless of whether it is divorce or a illness in the household that broke the household up, regardless of whether there’s a death like in my household, a loss of organization, all of these folks require some sort of medicine.”