Public overall health organizations and anti-nicotine evangelists are upset at the current push by organizations like Altria and JUUL to raise the legal acquire age for nicotine solutions — such as each conventional tobacco solutions and vapor solutions — from 18 to 21.

A movement extended championed by public overall health and anti-nicotine zealots as getting “for the higher public good” is now getting demonized by these quite exact same groups, apparently due to the fact tobacco and vapor organizations have agreed and taken that message to heart and, moreover, acted on it.

What this does prove, conclusively, is that Tobacco 21 was in no way observed even by its staunchest advocates as a measure that was going to resolve the “youth vaping epidemic.”

“The business is attempting to position Tobacco 21 as the only point that you need to have to do to address the youth e-cigarette epidemic. And that is absolutely not the case.”

Vince Willmore, Communications Director, Campaign for Tobacco-Absolutely free Little ones.

And there’s CTFK admitting it. Stripping customer option from 18-20 year olds is not what Tobacco 21 is prepared to quit at. Stripping customer option from all adults has normally been the aim, and carrying out it to 18-20 year olds was just the inch they wanted just before they took their mile.

Stanton Glantz, of course, an ever-trustworthy supply of Nanny mentality, mentioned:

“When the business realizes they couldn’t win on some thing, they attempt to co-opt it, and that is specifically what’s going on now. They’ve glommed on to the Tobacco 21 argument fundamentally as a way to shield flavors to derail the genuine Tobacco 21 movement.”

Odd that, according to Glatnz, the “real” Tobacco 21 movement is not about what it claims to be about. If it is about placing nicotine solutions beyond the attain of 18 to 20 year olds, then the tobacco and vapor industries supporting that really should be no bring about for complaint.

If it is not about that, then it wants to ‘fess up and admit that it is definitely about restricting the buying options of adults and ditch the entire “think of the young children!” mantra.

But what’s definitely clear right here — indisputably, incontrovertibly correct — is that Tobacco 21 is not now, and in no way has been, about the young children. What has just occurred can’t be understated — organizations like Altria and JUUL have named the anti-nicotine zealots’ bluff. Tobacco 21 is not about saving children from addiction to nicotine. It is about denying adult smokers a much less dangerous option kind of nicotine consumption in order to assure that they retain smoking, retain finding sick, retain dying — as extended as the different states continue to reap the economic added benefits.

John Castle is a contributing writer and news contributor for VAPE News Magazine. Get in touch with him at [email protected].